~Coaching news~

As I mentioned before after publishing my guide to solo mid I got a ton of emails from all around the world and there was one question asked in almost every one of them:

Do you do coaching? Can I 1v1 you? Can I add you for you to tell me what mistakes I make in my laning?

Getting mails like this every day made me think that if there’s demand then maybe I should consider giving it a try.

After a lot of preparations (remember that if I decide to do something then I do it to the best of my ability), some trial coaching sessions and hours of thinking of the format and things to improve I decided that I’m ready to offer you my laning coaching.


For the price of 19.50$ for a 90 min session you will get:

Your replay of choice analysis – laning, gameflow, biggest mistakes
A buch of unpublished 1v1 tips compiled in a handy doc that I have prepared for my students
learning to get the most of the matchups in which you should dominate your opponent
1v1s and deep analysis of your laning – solo mid or 1v1 off/safelane

In case you are interested – don’t add me on Steam – just write me an email at ChaQDotA@gmail.com so we can set the date and preferred voice communication programme to use during the session.



2 comments on “About

  1. rush says:

    omg! pls more

  2. thedude says:

    Hey man, do you have a new guide in mind or something? I would love to read what else do you have to say.

    Also, you may want to fix your rune check tip though.

    Now it’s:

    TOP: “dota_camera_set_lookatpos -2273.898682 1832.745483”
    BOT: “dota_camera_set_lookatpos 3035.773438 -2472.680176”


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